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A News Set the Size of the Lone Star State

A News Set the Size of the Lone Star State

This week we’re shipping a unique set to a station out in The Lone Star State, and it seems about the size of Texas itself.  While this particular set has many extraordinary features,  it’s the innovation from our designers and shop that really push this one over the top.  We are developing a technique for thermoforming acrylic sheets to achieve a seamless, shaped, internally lit column. Very few vendors can bend plexiglas this way, and they can only accommodate a 48 inch piece. We needed a piece twice that size, so our miraculous crew constructed an apparatus that will accomplish the task. At FX, necessity drives innovation, which will be a great asset for all clients in the future.

Some other features of this set are…

1) It has many built-in LED light strips, some of which are color changing, that illuminate various set pieces such as columns and headers. There is an estimated eighth of a mile of lights in this set.


2) Most of the surface area of the set is comprised of backlit graphics framed by headers that seem to float in midair without a visible means of support.


3) The center wall in the anchor area features a custom built, six-roller, automated graphics display system. It is roughly 19 feet wide, weighs over half a ton, and is concealed in a 5-1/2 inch space, so it won’t cast shadows on the backlit graphics. No one makes such a system for purchase, so we CUSTOM BUILT it.


4) This set also incorporates a rear projection display unit with a 128 inch diagonal display measurement. This unit uses a high-powered projector in conjunction with a mirror bounce assembly to obtain the proper projection distance in a space that would otherwise be insufficient.


Customization, Invention and Innovation drive every FX set, but this is an example of how a customer can throw just about anything our way and we will problem-solve so that it surpasses expectations.  If you dream it, we can do it, as The Lone Star state will soon find out.

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