About Us

The FX Advantage

FX Design Group is an industry leader in the design, fabrication, and installation of high definition broadcast environments and lighting. FX delivers solutions for a wide variety of clients in the fields of local, national, and international news, sports networks, colleges and university broadcasters, corporate broadcasters, houses of worship, trade shows, conventions, and branded environments. FX also has an extensive background in digital/virtual sets, AR/VR, and motion graphics via the team at Giant Octopus (an FX subsidiary).

Since opening for business in 1986, our goal at FX has always been the same: to provide the best in turnkey design and lighting solutions, coupled with unparalleled customer service.

Our Design Process

1 Initial Call
2 Creative Consultation
3 Floor Plan / Budget Review
4 3D Model
5 Contract
6 Full Color Renderings
7 Fabrication
8 Print/Graphic Design
9 Installation
10 Lighting Design

Our Design Process

Over the years we have developed and honed our design process, which is the bedrock of our operation. This collaborative process allows us to fully understand the wants and needs of our clients in order to deliver the most appealing, functional, and cost-effective products possible.

From start to finish, we’ve set up our design process to be highly interactive. Our team becomes part of your team, all working toward the same goals. Consistent communication is maintained as projects are taken from concept all the way through to completion. Thereafter, FX is always on-hand to support our clients throughout the lifespan of their set or environment, and at the ready to take on new challenges.

In conceptualizing a new project, the real fun begins in the Creative Consultation (or “Design Call”). Key stakeholders of a project meet with FX Project Managers and Designers to discuss all aspects of their project’s scope, from the nuts-and-bolts basics of timeline, budget, and spatial elements, to more complex subjects such as competitive strengths and weaknesses, goals, market position, demographics, and branding to fully understand what “success” looks like to our clients.

As a client’s project continues through development, initial floorplans and pricing quote are provided, along with a 3-D white model with material inspiration. Thereafter, a photorealistic 3-D full-color rendering is presented, allowing clients to take in a full shot-by-shot overview of their project for complete analysis at every step of the process.