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Content is Still King!

Why Content Marketing Is King and why News Organizations should get in the game!

82% of B2B Marketers are now Creating and Publishing original Content including, Blogs, White Papers, Videos and Photos to Position themselves as Thought Leaders in their respective Industries.

Interesting take on Content for Social TV from Dermot McCormack @dermot100 EVP of Digital Media for MTV via @gigaom MTV exec: Social is a new programming platform in the article he suggests that you create content just for your Social Platforms, unique to each platform, loyal to your Brand and Engaging for your Viewers. And he cautions that Social Media is not a cure all for bad programming. “Social media doesn’t make bad content good. It makes good better, but if you have a bad television show, prowess at social media isn’t going to help. In fact, it’s probably going to kill you quicker,” McCormack said.

 Richard Kastelein @expathos at AppMarketTV shares his take on Pepsi’s entry into the Social TV space as the Sponsor of X Factor Brands Enter the Social TV Arena – Pepsi, X Factor and Get Glue Team Up with Pepsi Pulse Pepsi has developed Pepsi Sound Off its own version of Twitter to allow fans of the show to comment, track and organize the Buzz around the show.

What these stories tell me is that the need for Content, Good Quality Content is growing exponentially as well as the need to locate, curate, and collate it for Fans, Followers and Viewers to find and Engage with it. And everybody including your Advertisers are moving into the Content Biz, the question is Will it all be Good?

A few questions to consider, who are the Leading Content Producers, TV Stations!

Are you producing enough Quality Content in Unique ways for each platform?

Are you helping your Advertisers to develop content and strengthen your Bond with them and increase your Ad dollars, or are you allowing them to hire your laid off writers, producers and photogs to produce their own content?

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