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Excellence in Journalism 2012

Over the years, FX Design Group http://bit.ly/O3zVsy has been a long-time supporter of the Radio and Television Digital News Association (RTDNA) http://bit.ly/OxN3sJ . For the second year in a row, RTDNA is holding their annual conference with the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), known as Excellence in Journalism 2012 (EIJ12) http://bit.ly/POr0OX . OK – now that we have ALL of the acronyms out of the way, I can get to my point!

The point is – at the EIJ12 conference , FX will be presenting a session open to all attendees, titled Back from the Future! Delivering the News in 2020 – The Trends, Tools and Viewer Expectations of the Next Gen Newscast. The session will be held on Friday 9/21 from 2:30 – 3:30PM at the Harbour Beach Marriott.

The presenters are Mack McLaughlin CEO/Creative Director – FX Design Group and Marv Danielski Senior Vice President – Frank N. Magid Associates http://bit.ly/OvvaHw . The content and commentary is presented in an entertaining way, with the premise that Mack and Marv have “traveled to the year 2020” and are “bringing back Intel from the future of Television”.

They “return from the next decade” to share with the audience how news delivery and presentation will change, focusing on cutting edge trends, what viewers expect and what is effective at connecting with this audience. The takeaway will help broadcasters effectively invest in and plan for the future.

With the ever-increasing rate of change that is affecting the broadcast industry, our team at FX Design Group, led by Mack, constantly asks “What’s Next”, as we focus on providing broadcasters with designs that communicate successfully to television viewers. Several years ago, we commissioned Magid to conduct a landmark research study on viewers’ preferences in HD which has supplied extremely useful knowledge that informs our design approach. Currently we are in process with Magid with a follow-up research study on viewer preferences that we will launch later in the year. So keep an eye out for that launch as it should supply some interesting information.

As for the upcoming session, if you will be in Ft. Lauderdale for the EIJ12 conference, check out the Back from the Future session. If not, contact me at kboule@fxgroup.tv and we can send you a tip sheet and maybe even video from the session! –Kathy Mosher-Boule’

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