Fans Vote WSAW-TV’s News Set Design as Set of the Year Toggle

Vote Promo Screen Shot_01The FX Design Group news set design for WSAW-TV, the CBS affiliate in Wausau and Rhinelander, Wisc., has won the coveted Newscast Studio “Set of the Year” Fan vote, edging out “Good Morning America”.

The WSAW news set design, which launched in late 2015, features wide expanses of Color Changing LED backlit panels imprinted with a geometrical pattern.
The Anchors are framed in a 2 x 4 x 55” monitor array which can be used as both a Topical as well as a Graphical background, giving them the ultimate in Story Telling flexibility. Additional flat panel monitors throughout the set, including the weather center, along with the color changing walls, give the set a chameleon like quality to change for different day parts or featured stories.2016-04-27_0937

“As news rapidly changes throughout the day, our journalists at WSAW and WZAW are now in a better position to engage viewers through an interactive format right from the news set. Our collaboration with FX on the set design is just another example of Gray’s forward thinking and our company’s ability to adapt to viewer needs,” said Jason Effinger, Chief Digital & Technology Officer, Gray Television Group, Inc.

WSAW-TV’s set managed to upset the set for “Good Morning America” that it went head-to-head to with in the final round of our fan vote.

“Pairing Gray’s vision with FX’s design and technology, proved that smaller market stations can have a big market look. It’s a great win for both of us which we are proud to share,” said Mack McLaughlin, Creative Director at FX Design Group

The fan vote, which is separate from the 2015 Set of the Year awards that were announced last week, lets TV viewers and news junkies weigh in on their picks for the best scenic design of the year.

“The Team at WSAW is really making the most of their set and technology, and the idea behind it is not about the technology but about how the technology can help tell a story,” said McLaughlin. “This can be seen in their grassroots social media campaign which included using the set for two video promo spots (here and here) to take home the win.”

Congratulations to WSAW-TV as well as “Good Morning America” and all the other nominees in the Fan Vote for a great showing!