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FX has the Tech Edge at NAB 2014

FX has the Tech Edge at NAB 2014

FX has the Tech Edge at NAB 2014:

Showcasing Storytelling in the next generation of sets

 This year at NAB, April 6 – 11 in Las Vegas, the FX team is showcasing new set technology.  We are constantly assessing equipment that can help stations and organizations utilize the best storytelling techniques.

As technology continues its evolutionary march forward, FX is on top of every trend, testing different possibilities and looking for the highest quality and yet affordable solutions for your set design.


Two ways to see us this year at NAB NAB14_logo

The FX Design Group booth is basically in the same place as last year with the same booth number.  C7934.  But we are also featuring our 3-D Digital set design at the Hybrid booth #4345.  Hybrid TV is a leading manufacturer of Virtual Reality Solutions and camera robotics for the broadcast and digital media industry.  You can see how far virtual has come with the amazing FX designs from our creative group.


In our booth, we show how we are driving interactive design with the latest in video control technology.  It has become integral for video elements to drive storytelling, and FX has a beautiful solution to show you.  We are featuring the tvOne Corio Master Mini this year, which is a video processor and pixel manipulator.  In plain English, that means you can rotate, flip, stretch, size and scale multiple video sources across multiple displays.  You’ve got to see it in action.

Plus, we are excited to team with CreateLED to show you the latest in High Resolution LED Video Displays.  We have a big AirMAG-2 high performance indoor LED display, which offers a seamless image.  Just imagine that in your next set.  It can add amazing branding and video imagery to your FX Designed set.

Yes, NAB is where content comes to life, so put #C7934 on your calendar to see the edgiest tech being used in sets from FX Design Group.

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