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FX Design Group is a leader in Set Design for Broadcast Television, but did you know that we’re also a world-class lighting design firm as well? It’s true: FX Design Group is an Emmy Award winning lighting design organization that utilizes the latest in studio lighting technology to provide our clients with the best multi camera, high definition lighting at a reasonable price point.

We accomplish this by encouraging our clients to transition away from traditional tungsten and fluorescent fixtures and incorporating state-of-the-art LED lighting fixtures into our designs.

FX continuously conducts in-depth research and development to bring our clients the most practical and affordable LED lighting options.

LED studio lighting provides many benefits to your studio including cost savings in electrical load, HVAC load, lamping and maintenance labor, and providing an estimated 18 to 24 month return on investment.

Much more efficient than traditional studio lighting fixtures, LEDs convert 80% of the energy they use into light, whereas traditional tungsten fixtures are only 20% energy-efficient. A 36-watt LED lighting fixture can produce the equivalent of 850 watts of light, greatly reducing your power consumption.

LEDs are also easy on the environment as they utilize far less electricity and have between 25,000-50,000 lamp life hours on average, thus extending usage results with less waste. They are available in a wide range of colors and they may be dimmed to control intensity. This makes it possible to produce daylight, bi-color, or tungsten color temperatures with LEDs.

If you are moving into a new studio, redesigning or refreshing your current studio, you will want to be on the forefront of studio lighting technology. An LED lighting package will provide you with a more cost effective and eco-friendly solution.

Our expertise reaches far beyond set design and installation: FX Design group is leading the way in lighting design innovation and technology.

Recent Lighting Design Projects:


A fully lit LED set brings peak radiance to on-air talent and set pieces. They allow for maximum on-screen readability, conveying all visual information with brilliance.


Utilizing the color changing features of LEDs, numerous different looks can be achieved to create any production’s desired aesthetic.


This working installation photo showcases a dynamic new set with a full range of LED lighting. FX used Ikan LED Fresnels and LED soft lights to achieve the desired look. Along with gradient RGBA LED walls and RGBA panels, this set can change color and intensity to fit the mood of any story.


FX installs complete custom grid systems for any size studio.

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KJRH-TV, the Tulsa-based Scripps NBC affiliate, badly needed a set update. So the KJRH team approached FX for a creative set remodel to their...

KJRH 2012 Promax Silver Award

KJRH-TV, the Tulsa-based Scripps NBC affiliate, badly needed a set update. So the KJRH team approached FX for a creative set remodel to their...


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