FX’s Set Designs Nab Promax Award Nominations

FX Design Group gets three nominations in the Promax North America Station Summit Awards 2020 for its designs for KOIN in Portland, Oregon: WRAL in Raleigh, North Carolina; and WITI in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

by Paul Greeley November 23, 2020 12:22 GMT+0000

FX Design Group, an industry leader in the design, fabrication and installation of high definition broadcast environments and lighting, gets three nominations in this year’s Promax North America Station Summit Awards . The nominations include work for KOIN in Portland, Ore.; WRAL in Raleigh, N.C.; and WITI in Milwaukee.

Winners of the 2020 competition will be announced Dec. 9.

KOIN, Nexstar’s CBS affiliate in Portland, wanted to bring a tech-forward new design to its broadcasts. This was implemented in the form of low-resolution seamless video in backgrounds with high-resolution monitors in the forward for storytelling that gives a large amount of visual depth. Gradient LED and printed graphics were also incorporated in spaces where video was not used.

The design is rich in local aesthetic, drawing strong influence from the U.S. upper northwest, with dark slate and wood accents. Another local source of inspiration was the Tilikum Bridge, accents of which can be seen throughout the studio space.

WRAL, Capitol Broadcasting’s NBC affiliate in Raleigh, set design was a project of great size and scope. The station was interested in making a statement about its region, installing what it calls “one of the largest video walls currently operating in local broadcast news.” The set was designed to be both contemporary and sophisticated, giving the news team a broad range of storytelling options.

The size of WRAL’s studio was used to create depth, with a large weather area with multiple presentation points. There was also an emphasis placed on the ability for their news team to move fluidly between areas, allowing the viewer to fully immerse in the stories being told. The bright, robust LED lighting has a full range of color-changing options, allowing a variety of looks to be programmed and interchanged as desired.

Fox O&O WITI in Milwaukee wanted to have more versatility by implementing a full color LED back wall with gradient color mixing abilities. FX converted all the existing studio lighting into a clean crisp modern look by utilizing a 56k color temperature. A theatrical lighting style was implemented throughout the studio layout for multi-use purposes to allow the client to be able to have a variety of guests and groups perform on their morning show. The set lighting is multi-functional and allows the client to produce a wide variety of content.


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