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How Engaged are you?

Sure your Station has a Facebook Page and Twitter Account and maybe 1 or 2 of the Anchors are active and have a few thousand followers but are you really Engaged! Are you listening and answering Questions posed by your Fans and Followers (Viewers)?

Maybe, but if the recent Poll by eConsultancy is accurate then most of you are not as Engaged as you might think.

@corybe with @lostremote reports that Media Companies have the lowest Social Media response scores of the 10 Industries studied, a whopping 1% response rate to questions posted on their Social Sites.

The good News though is that Media Companies have the 3rd highest volume of Questions, now not sure what they are but you have plenty of opportunity to Engage with your Audience.

And if you remember my post from a few weeks ago about Brian Solis’ @briansolis theory of an Audience of Audiences it’s time to take advantage of the opportunity to Grow your Brand by allowing your Viewers to spread the word for you.

In fact if you have a little spare time you might want to log in to @pivotcon and watch the recordings from their two days of intensive Sessions from some of the Social Media Industry’s leaders in Social Engagement as they share their Stories and Best Practices.

How can you better Engage your Audience, what best practices can you share?

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