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It’s Time for Election Packages!

It’s Time for Election Packages!

Who says it’s time for Election Packages!?   We do!


It’s election time in the TV World.  No, not at the polls per se, but in the planning.  The media always focus on the manna from heaven, known as political revenue.  Are you in a swing state?  What are your state races?  Incumbents.  Parties.  Elephants.  Donkeys.  It’s a biennial windfall of riches.


We know it’s much more to impactful for your station than just a huge uptick in revenue for the year.  It is a time to shine and showcase your anchors, product, timeliness and news prowess.  Leaders can reestablish their dominance by proving once again that their election results are accurate, first and dominate with gravitas.  Some stations can gain points in viewers’ minds by letting the audience see the station in hard news moments, deftly assimilating results, live field work, political reporters and commentary.


It’s the showcasing that brings both FX Design Group and Giant Octopus into the picture.  Frankly, the best stations and groups think way ahead.  Here are some major showcasing items that we can provide at reasonable prices to help your marketing and news departments get out front of the next election cycle.


  •  3-D Digital Sets for Election Night which can utilize green screen technology, anchor interactivity, touch screen showcasing and ipad technology.Election3
  • 2 Great Syndicated Election packages with full motion design that set you well apart from your competition
  • Lighting tweaks for your main studio or an alternate desk where your political consultant is showcasedElection4 Election5


  • Custom desks, Virtual sets, 3D backgrounds for those setsElection6


Yes, the fall network season is about to kick off.  You have October sweeps, then November.  2014 Budgets are due.  But the cavalry is here!  We can help you pre-plan for elections, clue you in on the newest technology and kick your competition.  Give us a call today so that we can set up an appointment to show you the graphics packages, 3-D sets and collaborative enhancements well in advance.ElectionFtr

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