LED Studio Lighting and LED Video – A Cool Stuff Blog!

In today’s Cool Stuff Blog, we will cover the integration of both LED Video and LED Studio Lighting technologies into broadcast facilities. At FX Design Group, we strive to keep ahead of the curve when it comes to implementing new technologies. At the same time, we determine the best practices for each application and ensure that our partners are capable of integrating these new systems.

LEDs have been around for many decades. Their energy-saving qualities and long life have been the root of their popularity in general consumer use. But LEDs are rapidly changing and growing, creating a new standard in the entertainment world. As LEDs become smaller, they’ve also increased in output, allowing for precise color mixing and unique lighting configurations.

Unique Environments

Our use of low-profile RGB LED strips has given our Design Team the ability to create unique and dynamic environments while decreasing the depth of our internally lit scenic elements. They also save more space in tighter areas, such as desks. They allow control over millions of color options from the studio lighting console. Some versions of this LED strip light even have individually controlled pixels, that when patched into a media server can respond as a low-resolution video image and allows graphical content such as gradients over a distance and eye-catching motion effects to be created with ease.


Durantran Replacement

Video as Scenery is now in higher demand throughout the Television and Entertainment world, and FX Design Group is leading the charge with a variety of LED video display options, including lower-cost LED Video Curtains as well as high-end LED Video Displays. The LED Video Curtains are driven by easy-to-use media servers from a single Windows-based computer, and are capable of playing nearly any video file type imaginable. They come in many different resolutions and are quickly replacing static Duratrans. The higher-end LED Video Displays can be used individually or as arrays. They will run on a variety of systems allowing for single-unit control as well as multiplexing several video sources across a single screen.


Kick-A** Colors

LEDs have also worked their way into standard studio fixtures such as Fresnels, Ellipsoidals, and Soft Lights. Color-balanced LED Lamps perfectly mimic the results of conventional light fixtures when housed in those same fixtures, but use significantly less power, do not require expensive dimmers, and speak directly with the lighting console. Being LED also means rarely (if ever) having to replace the lamps and possibly corrupt a fixture’s focus. With single source color mixing it is now possible to replace multiple fixtures with one LED fixture capable of producing millions of high CRI colors. Check out the LED Curtain in action!


Lighting Expertise

Our production team is constantly investigating and experimenting with these new technologies and as part of the design process, we work with our partners and vendors throughout to ensure that it all comes together as planned. If at any time it seems overwhelming, our dedicated and knowledgeable staff is waiting on the sidelines, guaranteeing that a quality product will be supported with quality service.


About the Authors

[one_half]Eric Castagne, Lighting Mananger, has a wide breadth and depth of experience in many forms of lighting design and installation, including theme parks, live entertainment, corporate events, architectural, and broadcast environments. As a bit of a lighting geek he is always trying to stay on the bleeding edge of lighting technology and finding new ways to incorporate it into our designs. Eric’s primary goal could be described as “Finding innovative ways to use technology to create art.”[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Zach Osborn, Lighting Manager, has 5 years of training and experience in the Film and Television industry. He has developed a deep appreciation for scenic artistry and quality lighting. Being a former scenic fabricator at FX, he has a good, but developing, knowledge of how the scenery and lighting should work together to culminate into one final, beautiful creation. He enjoys being part of the installation process to design lighting, help the partner with shots and framing, and ultimately make sure they are satisfied after every project.[/one_half_last]

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