Alaska Station KTUU gets full makeover with new Studio, Set and Motion Graphics Toggle

KTUU, the NBC affiliate in Anchorage, Alaska, debuted its new studio today. Many television stations want a set design that reflects the local “feel” of its state or city, and represents the pride of the people that live there. With more than 60 years of broadcasting in Alaska, KTUU came to FX Design Group with big ambitions. Not only did station managers want the grandeur of Alaska represented in the new set design, but also the pioneering roots of one of Alaska’s first television stations.

“During the initial design call we discussed the scenic beauty of Alaska juxtaposed with areas of color washes and ribbons of light reminiscent of the Northern Lights,” said Erin Lartonoix, FX Graphics Design Manager.

FX Design Group used graphics around the perimeter of the set and in the balconies to give the illusion that the set overlooks the mountain ranges and forests. Behind the news anchors, FX incorporated the spectacular sweeps and bends of light seen in Alaska’s iconic aurora borealis. But to compliment the set and the news talent, FX pushed the color blends away from the natural greens of the Northern Lights into cool blue and amber washes, creating a seamless color scheme with hints of Alaska’s epic mystique. The woods and

laminates were used to represent  Alaska’s natural surroundings, and to tie into the new headquarters and studio as a whole. The overall design is a large, two story set with balconies.  Despite the size of the set, viewers will be struck by its warmth and intimate appeal.

“Every local market is unique. However, KTUU’s reach spans nearly the entire the state of Alaska, about one-fifth the size of the continental U.S., said Tracy Sabo, KTUU News Director. “This reach is truly unique in any local market, and KTUU’s loyal audience expects the very best in quality from the station they’ve chosen as Alaska’s News Source. FX Design has allowed KTUU to continue that tradition of excellence.”

In addition to the set, Giant Octopus, a division of FX, created the motion graphics and station rebrand. The creative teams at FX and GO worked from the same vision to deliver a totally cohesive look and feel.

“The Opens use a stunning shot of the mountains behind Anchorage,” said Al Lagor, Managing Director of Motion Design. “There are streaks of light, accented by light swishes that also imitates the Northern Lights. They will be able to add beauty shots of other Alaskan images per daypart if they choose.”

“This team was so great to work with,” said Kevin Vickers, FX Senior Design Manager. “Tracy Sabo dug into this project with us and was by far one of the most excited and interested clients we have worked with. The News Team was really hands-on and had a great vision for what they felt the people of Alaska would like.”

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