FX Design Group and Raycom Media Inc. Seal Three Year Multi-Station News Set Deal Toggle

Ocoee, FL (PRWEB) August 1, 2010 — FX Design Group http://www.fxgrouponline.com (FX) and Raycom Media Inc http://www.raycommedia.com (Raycom) have agreed to an exciting 3 year deal calling for FX to design, fabricate and install a group-wide set design developed by FX designers with the Raycom executive team. Susana Schuler, VP of News with Raycom and Kathy Mosher-Boule’, VP of Broadcast Services at FX began discussions less than three months ago, finalizing the deal two weeks ago.

Raycom Media, Inc. came to the market looking to upgrade many of their stations to HD over the next three years requiring everything from new HD technology to a complete new set design. Managing a strict budget while satisfying each individual station’s needs would be a significant challenge in the project. “We had a very tight budget for each station that had to get us to HD. With a project of this size there is little room for unknowns and surprises. FX’s turn-key approach (design, fabrication and installation services) was a critical part of our decision as we felt their offering would reduce the unknowns,” commented Ms. Schuler.

The project, which begins with the first full new set installation this August, includes close to a dozen full sets as well as a number of partial or refreshed sets. Each full set includes an anchor area, weather area, multi-purpose area, and 3D digital technology center. The new set design was developed in collaboration between FX designers and a Raycom design committee. FX focused on developing a standardized but scalable set design to address large and small market stations as well as varying studio dimensions, while allowing each station flexibility in colors, materials, and finish choices to maintain their individuality and support their local brand.

“This was an exciting and unique challenge for FX. We’ve done similar multi-station agreements before, but nothing of this size, time-line and scope,” commented Ms. Mosher-Boule. “We had to address the needs of each station while meeting the overall goal of Raycom Media, Inc. The communication between our two companies has been excellent and was vital in keeping us on track. It’s been a pleasure working with Susana and her team,” Mosher-Boule continued.

Three of the full new sets will be fabricated, delivered and installed between August and September. This compressed timeline called for focused negotiations, contract development and design agreement. The entire process took just under three months from first conversation to contract.

Each station will have its own MyFXGroup site to review their renderings, photos and shot planner. Using web-conferencing FX can meet with each station’s team for planning and review sessions without incurring travel costs. Minimizing travel, using a group-wide design, and reducing other normal costs was key to FX meeting Raycom’s budget.

“We accepted proposals from a number of set designers and ultimately chose FX because they really understood our needs, challenges, and overall budget challenge. Also we knew their quality in design and fabrication was top-shelf having worked with them on our WBRC (Birmingham, AL) http://www.myfoxal.com project in 2009. The stations slated for a new set under this contract were all excited when we unveiled the new design at our annual Raycom News Directors University last month. We’re really excited to be working with FX again,” Ms. Schuler commented.

About FX
FX Design Group is an award-winning design company delivering projects worldwide for the entertainment and television industries. Headquartered in the Orlando area, FX provides a complete compliment of set design, fabrication and installation service, as well as lighting design and lighting gear sales, all under one roof. This one-stop-service approach provides FX clients with cost savings and logistics efficiencies all focused on maximizing clients’ aesthetics, budget and time challenges. To learn more about FX Design Group please see us at https://www.fxgroup.tv

About Raycom Media, Inc.
Raycom, an employee-owned company, is one of the nation’s largest broadcasters and owns and/or operates 47 television stations in 36 markets and 18 states. Raycom stations cover 12.6% of U.S. television households and employ nearly 3,500 individuals in full and part-time positions. In addition to television stations, Raycom owns Raycom Sports (a marketing, production and events management and distribution company in Charlotte); Raycom Post (a post production facility in Burbank, California), and Broadview Media (a post production facility based in Montgomery). Further information about Raycom can be found at the corporate website, http://www.raycommedia.com.