KPIX Toggle

KPIX-TV, the CBS owned station in San Francisco, was looking for a design that showcased the feel of the CBS O&O look while creating extensive functionality and versatility in all the areas. FX Design Group collaborated with the KPIX team to accomplish these objectives – creating a look that is vibrant, versatile and high tech with multiple zero-bezel video walls.

The design is a wrap-around set environment that is self-illuminating, with a myriad of backlit walls and LED color-changing ribbons and panels. Even the Anchor, Weather, and Reporter desks are self-illuminated, which create clean-lined and “glowing” platforms for talent to present the story. Layout of the areas was designed to keep the camera choreography as simple as possible and keep intact relationship shots.

The finishes are fresh and modern: frosted Plexiglas, metal mesh, brushed pewter laminate, variegated shades of blues and violets with white and silver, combined with small accents of warm wood tones. C-shaped columns mimic the shape of the CBS eye. Branding is subtle, with printed set graphics showing montages of logos and local images. Additional animated branding appears in the large video walls and monitors throughout the set.

This is truly a video-driven design: 3 video walls – one in the Anchor Area and the others on modular carts that are used the Multipurpose and Traffic Areas – create dynamic backgrounds and a video canvas to present and interact with the story. The video wall in the Anchor Area is comprised of twelve zero-bezel NEC 55”monitors in a 3X4 array – flanked by two 55” monitors used for OTS and Stand-Up Positions. In the Multipurpose Area, a 2X2 NEC monitor wall is fronted by a 2 person standup desk used for interviews, and as a Reporter Debrief Area for breaking news. In the Weather Area, the forward workstation/presentation pod holds three 30” monitors to view and create weather reports, and in the background are two 55” zero-bezel monitors to show radar and weather images and an 82” DLP in front of which the meteorologist can present weather.

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