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KVVU-TV, the Meredith Broadcasting owned Fox affiliate in Las Vegas, was looking for a design that best represented the frenetic pace of Vegas combined with the bold look of Vegas. FX Design Group collaborated with the KVVU team to accomplish these objectives – creating a look that is bold, versatile, connected and high tech with a multitude of monitors throughout the set letting the viewers know that KVVU is tied in to what is happening NOW.

The design is a vibrant assemblage of numerous shooting locations each featuring strong technological integration. The Anchor Area features a 2 person desk backed by rich graphics and monitor arrays. The Camera Right and Camera Left OTS shots are enhanced by 65” monitors mounted onto internally lit columns clad with frosted plexi accents. The Weather Area features 2 large monitor positions – one from the presentation desk and one as an independent stand-up – from which the meteorologists are able to present the current conditions. Rounding out the design is a dynamic Stand-Up / Franchise Area.

All areas feature internally lit elements with frosted and metal accents which provide the support for the multiple display monitors. The overall set footprint takes advantage of the considerable studio space and enables numerous camera shot locations throughout the studio.

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