KWTV Toggle

KWTV-TV, the CBS affiliate in Oklahoma City, hired FX Design Group to design and build its first new set in over a decade — and FX delivered with a stunning, bold set that combines a warm look with maximum flexibility.
The wraparound set features over three dozen locations for reporting the news, including a movable anchor desk with three positions, a stairway landing standup area and interview set that doubles as a sports set.

The set continues to deliver with its two eye-catching balconies, curved metal staircase and spiral staircase.

The set also features a plethora of technology — including three rear projection screens, multiple DLP and flat panel monitors and work areas wired with computer workstations.

The set’s huge weather center is a set in itself. The centerpiece of this area is a cone outfitted with multiple flat panel monitors and topped with prominent branding elements. Branching out from here, meterologists have plenty of practical work areas and presentation areas.

FX worked with Bill Brown, creative consultant at The Coaching Company, to develop this versatile, multi-purpose and visually-stunning set.

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