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The Most Dangerous games.  The “O” Word

The Most Dangerous games. The “O” Word

If there is a more dangerous word in all languages than the Olympics, we don’t know what it is.  For advertisers and marketers, the use of even the word is verboten.  It’s not the only loaded word.  The IOC legislation gives examples of what may amount to association: specifically, the use of  “Games” with each other or with any of the words “gold”, “silver”, “bronze”, “Sochi”, “medals”, “sponsor” or “winter”.  http://bit.ly/1cbvOVz

Sponsorships are one thing and every NBC affiliate across America is making sure the local coverage of the unwritten “O” word is stellar in every way.   But there is always one local advertiser who wants the rings in an ad.  So yes, local CSD’s and commercial producers have to guard the gates and police the usage of anything that goes on the air.  Have everyone look over the rules and sanctions so that it doesn’t just fall on the CSD.


So how does your news department showcase its coverage and set itself apart during this highly viewed and most lucrative period in February?   (7th February – 23rd February)  One way is to put your anchor or sports team in a new environment.  Here at FX Design Group, we have developed a stunning 3D Digital Set that is cost effective and easy for your station to implement into coverage.  It, in turn, helps the station showcase key advertisers, and you can use it in all the shows. It is designed and ready, but we are not putting it out there for everyone to see.  We are looking for some stations who want to try something different and make the local audience know you are always on the cutting edge.

Best of luck with selling out all your sponsorship packages and maximizing ratings during the games.  Additionally, we hope to see some outstanding News Promotion from your Creative Services Department.

FX Group Special

SPECIAL PRICE:  NBC Affiliates, Call FX today 407-877-9600 and get a turn-key solution, as pictured, ready to go for 2014.  We have the design and you have the logos.  $2,000 Limited Time Offer.    Email bbarclay@fxgroup.tv for more information.

  •  A 3-D Digital Set with a VIRTUAL 3 x 6 Video Wall
  • Add Coverage Highlights and Sponsor Plug-ins
  • Fully Sponsored Option
  • Integration with Your Green Screen & Lighting  
  • Electronic Delivery


*As an aside here is a small tutorial on exactly why the IOC is so strict about usage.  A key element of the UK bid to host the 2012 Olympics was the promise of strict laws to protect sponsors from freeloading by their competitors. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) had vivid memories of the 1996 Games, where Nike purchased so much advertising space in Atlanta that many assumed it, rather than Adidas, was the official sponsor. The vast sums now required from sponsors make it essential they get full value for money.  (The Guardian, Tuesday 13 March, 2012)

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