The Mystery of the Artistic Brain – Innovation and Design as one


Over the last few years the world has seen amazing technological advances and innovations, and the video production industry has seen the lion’s share of it. The advances go far beyond new cameras and hard drives, but also the advancement of software has completely changed the process of design. To be at the forefront of this industry one must embrace the concept of change, something our motion design managing director, Al Lagor, fully understands.   “Anyone who works in this field has to understand and accept that the “process” is going to change,” said Lagor.  “New tools and procedures are going to be developed. The tools aren’t really the stop-gap in creativity… our imaginations are.”

At FX Design Group, our team of artists not only understands these new technologies, but embraces every aspect in our designs. Our artists have kept pace with the ever-evolving world of design. The process is no longer simply following your eye with your pencil on paper, but now designers are able to work in three-dimensional workplaces to build something from the inside out. One of our designers, Rachel Bulgrin, has completely embraced her computer as her new canvas.   “While I can appreciate the craft and skill of hand drafting,” said Bulgrin,  “it is no longer the standard for accuracy and ease of sharing and communicating a design.”

Consider what it takes to create these designs within a digital workspace using vectors and three-dimensional tools. One must make small calculations and work out equations as she designs, every second and a mistake cannot be easily remedied.  It’s true the computer does most of the mathematical calculating but all it can do is give answers to those equations, as it is up to the designer to understand and utilize all of those calculations into a working design. This means our artists are fully utilizing both sides of their brains to make their work come to life.

Finding artists that are able to perform these mental feats is not easy but we have a geographical advantage.  Being based in Florida, FX Design Group has access to students graduating from schools that have completely embraced the merging of technology and artistry. Schools such as Full Sail University, University of Florida, FSU, Ringling College of Art and Design, University of South Florida and SCAD do a tremendous job of teaching both the creativity and the scientific understanding necessary to use emerging technologies to their full potential.  The University of Central Florida, from which we employ many alumni, now has specific courses to bring Art and Engineering students together.

“Florida produces some of the most balanced and well-rounded artists in the industry,” said CEO and Design Director, Mack McLaughlin, “We have Designers and Technicians that have trained and worked in a variety of disciplines from Theme Parks, Live Events, Theatre, Film, Television, Simulation and Game Design and many of them have worked in multiple environments giving them a much broader range of exposure to new and different technologies and forward thinking design.”

The great psychologist, Carl Jung, noticed a personality archetype called the artist-scientist. He described the people in this archetype as deeply curious and infinitely creative, which give them an ability to find solutions to any problem in unexpected ways. These are the artists working at FX Design Group, people who can create and innovate all in the same breath.  Rest assured, they will keep creating, solving problems and innovating for our clients.


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Peter Perozzi

Peter is a writer, a producer, and a student. He is finishing his degree in Television Production at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and will graduate May of 2015. This semester he is interning at FX Design Group and field producing for a new web series. After he graduates he hopes to find a career in screenwriting, where he can use his acting skills combined with his creative brain.


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