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Here is a great web application from ZVORK that allows you to see the effects of various types of lighting instruments on people.

VirtualLightingStudio1 VirtualLightingStudio12

The program allows you to place up to 6 fixtures in the scene and locate them in a full 360 ring around the subject.

It has 5 different styles of lighting fixture from strobe to soft box allowing you to see the shadows and effects caused by different fixtures.

You can also control the intensity and add a color filter for effect, as well as a background color.

It even has a little light plot feature that allows you to see where all of the fixtures are located in relation to the subject.

And you can snap up to 8 frame grabs of your various configurations.

This is a great tool for the beginner to learn where to place fixtures to achieve different effects as well as what type of fixture is best suited to get the effect you are after.

I know this is funny coming from me but I sure wish he had hair; it would also be nice to see a variety of skin tones and hair colors as well.

But all in all a very cool application, Have Fun!

http://www.zvork.fr/vls/ (link to ZVORK’s site)

http://zvork.fr/blog/vlsisbeta/ (link to ZVORK’s blog)

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