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Welcome to our New, and we hope you’ll agree, improved website!

I plan to blog weekly on various topics that I hope you will find both interesting and valuable, we also plan to have guest blogs from others here at FX Design Group as well as from some of our trusted friends and partners.

The first 4 posts will be about one of my passions in addition to Design, which is Social Media and its impact on Television, now known as Social TV.

Social TV is growing rapidly at the Cable and Network level but is still looking for a foothold in Local Broadcasting and Local News. Not sure at this time if the holdup is budgetary or lack of early adopters in the industry.

Not sure if you’ve seen these Trends To Watch via VC Habib Kairouz over the past few months, I want to mix his thoughts with a few other posts by some of my favorite bloggers to show how the Merging of Social & TV will be an unstoppable combination that will be very appealing to Advertisers, especially Trend #3 below,

1) TV Anywhere / Whenever

2) Interactive Multi-Screen Programming

3) Targeted – Personalized Advertising

Online Advertising combined with Social Media and the Delivery of TV will allow advertisers to target individual audiences based on Gender, Age, Location, Interests and everything else about you to create ads that seem to be made just for you and maybe someday they will be that targeted.

This brings me to this final post that I’d like to discuss a bit, Social Media Has Negligible Effect on TV Ratings, I say, true based on old outdated measurements but how about measuring the depth of commitment of the Socially Engaged Fan that will spread the word about your show and brand, to what Brian Solis calls their Audience of Audiences, how much more valuable are they than the casual fan that happens to have the TV on the channel that your show is on while waiting for the show they really want to watch.

Dave Morgan of Simulmedia called Social Media “Steroids for TV” and I agree, do you?

If you would like to stay up to date on Social TV doings I also produce E-Merging Media a weekly Paper.Li that aggregates stories on Social TV as well as Broadcast Design that I hope you’ll follow as well.

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