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Bonnie BarclayBonnie Barclay

Bonnie has been deep into broadcasting and journalism for much of her career, getting to work in some of the best TV Stations across America. (WFAA, WSB, WSOC to name a few). She led creative groups throughout the country and spent 9 years consulting all of the Scripps stations on brand, marketing, digital and audience growth. She was also CMO of Chyron prior to joining FX as VP of Marketing. There’s more experience in her little finger than half the promotion world, so we are very happy to have her playing for the FX and Giant Octopus team. She’s also an award winner, such as Emmys, Promax Golds, Tellys, and all that award jazz. Additionally, and most helpful for clients, she’s a former winner of the Promax Brand Builder of the Year award. Bonnie knows Brand.

Her love of literature drives her for passion for collecting First Editions, reading, going to book signings, and writing a little herself on the side. Once upon a time, she was an English teacher so we have to send all our copy through her for the ultimate red pencil. She loves live tweeting about all kinds of things and you can follow her @promobon.

Direct – 407-573-0541