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Well, what could be said about Brannen that couldn’t also be said of any number of eccentric, misunderstood, visionary geniuses? What many do not know is the “source” of his passion for mentally disassembling complex systems, architecture, mechanical devices, etc. and mutating them to conform to his own twisted reality. It really is quite simple, he loves hearing “that won’t work” and “you can’t do that with…fill in the blank”. Such a proclamation is a personal challenge to him and his ingenuity and fuels the creative fire that burns so brightly in him.

Brannen impressed his professors at UCF so much so that, sad to see him go, they introduced him to another stellar young graduate, Mack McLaughlin…and the next 20+ years saw innovation and quality pour out of FX Design Group in unprecedented quantities.

Direct – 407-573-0518