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Kevin Vickers is an artist and designer, Orlando born and raised. Ringling trained. His career began at FX Design Group as a graphic designer. He began designing graphical backdrops on news sets, working closely with the set designers and directly with the clients to visually achieve the desired goals of each. Since then, he has designed sets and graphics for many stations all over the world. Like many at FX, Kevin is a man of many talents who has also worked on and directed marketing campaigns, website designs, museum displays, corporate theater events, identity packages, and furniture design.

When not working he’s a monstrous big fight fan, watching boxing and mixed martial arts events at every chance. Each month his friends and family get together for a pay-per-view fight and some pizza and beer. Once every year or two, they all head to Vegas for some live fights. Don’t hold that against him!

Direct – 407-573-0516