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Why should you choose FX Design Group for your next broadcast environment project? Read below to see why your search for set design, lighting, installation, and AR/VR all end here.

The FX Advantage


Award-Winning, Bold Design

Our design team has been honored with the industry’s most prestigious awards for our creative, functional sets and crisp lighting. Your new set will combine eye-catching, brand-centric design with practical and helpful storytelling tools that make viewers take notice. The FX design studio delivers set solutions that not only look great in every shot but give you the keys to enhancing your programming brand and providing exciting new storytelling options that grab viewers’ attention and contribute to your quality content.



Innovation and Vision

Our sets are equipped with state-of-the-art components and tailored for high definition broadcast. Viewers will be captivated by the cutting-edge equipment on your set. We will be your ally in navigating the challenges of HD set and lighting design. Our team has extensive experience in developing sets that exceed the ever-evolving demand standards of HD. And set quality is never an issue — our scenic shop has been building HD-quality sets since before HD broadcasting was on the horizon.



A Completely Turnkey Provider

FX offers the only truly turnkey scenic solution – a key difference that maximizes value and efficiency. With all administration, design, and fabrication under one roof, we have the advantage of effective communication and reduction of duplicate costs. Every portion of your project can be handled in-house by our team of experts — opening the lines of communication between our team and allowing us to deliver the best value in set and lighting design.


Next-Level Collaboration

Other firms take control away from clients. At FX Design Group, we take set and lighting design collaboration to the next level. Our team excels at working with you every step of the way and becoming an extension of your team. Though we’re always here to provide expert advice and help make important decisions, you and your team ultimately have the guiding hand on your set and your results. Complete collaboration: another reason why FX is the leader in broadcast set design, fabrication and installation.



Top-Quality Craftsmanship

Our in-house fabrication team utilizes old-world construction techniques and modern methods to create quality sets. Our sets are the sturdiest in the industry, giving you an HD-ready scenic environment with exquisite detailing and long-lasting materials. The shop is staffed by experienced craftsmen who hand-assemble and finish every set piece using top-grade materials and an unparalleled attention to detail. When the time comes to install your set, our on-site installation team is the best in the business with over two decades of experience. Our build and installation quality is so great, even our competitors hire us to build their sets. FX also helps you maintain your set investment with its exclusive Set Care Kit.



Extensive, Proven Experience

FX brings an unparalleled amount of expertise to every project. You will receive top-flight guidance and advice from a team that’s been building sets for over thirty years and providing the best client service in the industry. Quite simply, we know set and lighting design inside and out. We’re proud to have collaborated with hundreds of clients at large and small broadcast affiliates, cable networks and franchise and entertainment shows, giving us the industry’s most innovative and varied portfolio.



Uncommon Dedication to Service

In an age of lost customer service, FX provides friendly, responsive and knowledgeable assistance. Top-of-the-line customer service makes it easy to get your questions answered and move the design process along smoothly. Not only does FX deliver on-time, on-budget set and lighting solutions, but we back it all up with the industry’s most customer-centric service. Our goal is to become part of your team and provide practical advice and responsive guidance that helps make the challenges of broadcast environments as easy as possible for you. Together, we create sets that not only make your broadcasts look great, but make the entire set design, fabrication and installation process the best it can be.


Sets With Value

FX maximizes your dollar by providing you with a high-quality set that will give you years of successful broadcasts. Your FX set’s expert construction and carefully planned shot options combine to give you the best value in the industry. While some scenic designers advertise “competitive pricing” or “cost-saving solutions,” FX Design Group maximizes both quality and cost-effectiveness to deliver, dollar for dollar, the best value in broadcast scenery. While our team always looks for creative ways to maximize your budget, we refuse to sacrifice construction quality, shot options or, ultimately, your satisfaction. Plus, FX’s fully turnkey fabrication services and Set Care Kit ensure your set looks great for years. Plus, we never keep you in the dark about budgetary issues. FX clients receive a detailed budget breakdown, divided by set area, technology, and installation services, giving you a clear picture of how your money is being used.



Ahead of the Curve

In an ever-evolving broadcast landscape, innovative new technologies and techniques emerge all the time – such was the case with the rise in augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) usage for broadcast. FX has always been on the cutting edge with these technologies and offers expert solutions for their integration into your projects depending on your wants and needs. From complete virtual sets to augmented reality additions and motion graphics, FX can craft state-of-the-art digital environments and elements to enhance any broadcast. We also offer virtual tours of set renderings, powered by the Unreal Engine.


Exclusive Client Perks


Set Care Kit

Included with every set, FX’s exclusive Set Care Kit contains cleaning supplies and includes free refills for the set’s entire lifespan. The Set Care Kit gives your studio crews the tools they need to quickly and easily maintain your set investment for years to come. To request a refill, please click here.